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Paninis Pressed with Passion
August 2015 - View actual article by clicking here


Brian Karp, the owner of Press 195, discovered his love for paninis and sandwiches when he came across a late night shop selling Paninis in Florence, Italy. "One bite is all it took to get me hooked on them," he tells us. It sounds like he had a great Panini. But what is it that makes a Panini great in the first place?


"Within a hand held food item lies such a tremendous depth of flavors that can be evoked," Karp explains. Merely changing the layering of your sandwich items can form an entirely different tasting experience. "As a chef, there is almost a magnetic force that draws me to them. The possibilities are never ending with the sandwich, from breakfast to dinner and dessert in between."

Karp's passion for the Panini is clear. "The only hindrance to the complex world of the sandwich is your imagination. Why do people love the sandwich? Quick, easy, portable, limitless in variation and tasty!"

Press 195 began in the early 2000's as a single-location smalltime Panini shop. As interest in the shop grew, so did Press 195's menu and staff, and soon enough it established a second location. While the shop itself possesses a relaxed, laidback atmosphere, Karp and his employees are no slouches. They take their sandwiches seriously; employees are trained and possess a tremendous amount of depth and skill.

Many have been with Press 195 over five years, and it's thanks to them that the menu is as fresh as is, with irresistible items like the #38, a grilled and marinated sliced hangar steak, with avocado, sweet onion jam, fresh Mozzarella and creamy roasted pepper dressing. "We are currently in the lab now experimenting with a few new menu items for the Fall season," says Karp. "Press 195 is currently seeking a new location for a third retail store." -

Other savory sandwiches offered by Press 195 include the #31, which sports turkey, crispy bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, chipotle mayo and guacamole pressed between a Gabilas homemade knish with homemade meatloaf, Vermont cheddar, and homemade gravy, and the #13, featuring sliced ripe tomato, fresh Mozzarella cheese, basil, and Press 195's famous maple syrup basil pesto.

There's nothing quite like a satisfying sandwich, and Press 195 is determined to serve the freshest, tastiest, best sandwiches its expert team can cook up.

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